Two Tiny WikiLink Suggestions

1. MediaWiki has a nice feature: it bolds all links that lead to the current document. If I have an article called Cow, and type “[[cow]]” (the MediaWiki markup for a link to the cow article), it will simply output a bolded cow rather than a link back to the page or plain text.

This might seem silly – “kalisphoenix, you are intelligent enough to know which article you are working on, and just press Cmd+B before and after typing ‘cow!’” Well, this is why it’s a tiny suggestion. I would, however, appreciate it greatly.

2. I’m fairly sure this has come up before, but I’ll say it again just in case. Wikilinks will not currently create a link to the “asteroid belt” article, even if I use the phrase, if an “asteroid” article exists. I would like the Wikilink engine recalibrated slightly to match the longest existing article/alias first. If that’s possible. I have no knowledge of how your algorithm works, of course.

Thanks, guys :slight_smile: