Two usability improvements: reordering tabs, & switching win

  1. I love opening multiple documents in tabs. What I don’t like is not being able to rearrange them. I would love to be able to click on a tab, and reorder it among the other tabs. I often write stuff, or open up sources, and would like to arrange the order of the tabs so I can quickly switch between documents I’m interested in.

(I would love to know if there’s a way to reorder them that I just haven’t discovered!)

  1. In many OS X applications, I can click and drag on a document, and then press Command-` to cycle through the app’s windows. DT doesn’t let you do that - it seems to freeze the windows if you’re dragging a document. My main use case for this is having an RTF open, and then dragging a document reference from another DT window into my RTF. This doesn’t work if my RTF goes behind the other DT window, which happens a lot on my small display. I can get around this by using “copy item link” instead, but I often forget, and it would be nice to be able to cycle through windows while in the middle of a drag operation.

I’ve been using DT as my main writing environment for a little while now, and these two quirks constantly get in my way.

I would also like to see rearrangeable tabs. Plus, dragging tabs between windows. And, “open tab in new window”. And finally, have the same document open in more than one tab (including in more than one window) so that we can view different pages of that document without having to scroll around.

+10 from me on this one. In the hope of keeping an already very complex program as simple as possible, behavior which is more or less the same as the way that tabs already work in Safari for example would get my very strong vote.

I can rearrange the tabs, or pull one off to open it in a new window, move tabs from window to window, etc. It all works very simply and in a intuitive way that does what you’d think it will.

tags like chrome and safari are hopefully coming… reorder, drag to new window, always open in tabs, …


it seems to me, that during the last 7 years, nothing happened on this topic. I also would like to rearrange my tabs in a logical order, but I cannot find it.

Drag and drop tab reordering is now a critical functionality, a long-established feature in modern browsers. The ability to rearrange tabs in DEVONthink would greatly enhance the research process. Ten years since the original posting, could we please have this necessary enhancement?

The request is noted but as you can see there has been very little interest or engagement regarding the feature with very few responses in a decade.