Two Way Sync

Have successfully acheived global inbox sync between iPad and iMac but not for the desktop databases. Trying to set up bonjour two way. Please advise.

Also when instructions refer to direct connection does it mean wired or WiFi


What’s reported in Window > Log?

Bonjour works over WiFi or Lightning cable.

Nothing in the Log.

iMac devonthink sync preferences:

local.dtCloud (local sync store) shows all open databases, one of which is checked.
mobile@ipad-a2 shows inbox on iPad.

On desktop
Bonjour Options set with Incoming Connections Available: Port set to same as on the iPad.

On iPad
Bonjour option on.

One caveat - iMac is wired to Network and iPad is connect to same network through wifi.


It shouldn’t be. You should clear this and let the app choose a port.

This is unnecessary unless the iPad was hosting its own databases.

PS: DTTG2 will not be able to access a Local Sync Store.

Ok. I made the suggested changes. Do I need to set up a location on the iPad? Dropbox or iCloud?


If you’re Syncing the iPad, yes.

You can’t use iCloud with DTTG2. Only for Mac-to-Mac Syncing.