Two window documents

  1. Usually I have more than two doc windows open, and I would like to just go back and forth between two windows( Previous and Next) Is there a key shortcut or script for this? There is a “next” window shortcut CMDd+Tilde key but no previous or am I missing it……

Another question.

  1. Is there away to auto save when closing a text/rft etc files? Every time I have to click “save” in order to close the file.
  1. Command-~ is the correct shortcut for switching application windows (and it’s a Mac thing, not a DEVONtech one).
  2. No. Just hit Enter.

Try adding the Shift ⇧ modifier key. From Mac accessibility shortcuts - Apple Support:

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I always lapse on that since I’m so used to just cycling quickly forward, but good assist :slight_smile:

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See Jim after 20+ something years you still learning :wink:

In a sea of windows, sometimes we need to be locked up with two windows :wink:

Either that or I was gonna ask for a “glued” two documents feature, but we all know that may or may not happen in the future.

I think that can work.

Thank you.

See Jim after 20+ something years you still learning

If you’re referring to adding the Shift key to the shortcut, I already knew it. I just am so used to quickly pressing Command - ~, I rarely use the option.