".txt" added to R code files when dragged from DTPO

I decided I shouldn’t keep one of my projects in DTPO anymore. So I dragged it’s folder (and subfolders) to the desktop. 2500 files copied. No problem.

However, ALL of my R code files (R, the statistical programming language) had the extension .txt added inappropriately. So, for instance:

rick sessions 4to8 mixed effects.R.txt
sucrose data setup.R.txt
15 feb plots.R.txt
4 march 2011 plots.R.txt

Since they were dragged into DTPO originally, I would have thought they would come out the way they went in.

If they were all in the same subfolder, it would be easy enough to fix with Path Finder’s batch rename. But they’re in many subdirs.

Is there a way to prevent this ? I assume a lot of people write text program files that have a special extension like this.


Seems like something might be wrong with the content type tree for .r files.

Try opening a terminal in a folder where you have an .r file that was never in DEVONthink and an .r (or .r.txt) file that was dragged out. Use “mdls” to see if the content types are the same or different, or not what you expect them to be.

Try also selecting an .r that’s stored in DEVONthink and choosing Show in Finder from the contextual menu – what’s the extension of the files stored in the database?