Type of "Folder" Now Gone? Please Help a Very Basic User

Hi I use Devonthink to organize research notes for academic projects and I know I barely scrape the surface of its functionality (which is fine by me). However, I am running into a weird issue that might have to do with updates: I cannot find a type of folder I used in past to organize notes. I am starting a second database (for the first time) and want to set it up the same way as my first database. There was a type of “folder” (I know the terms are kind of fluid) that had an icon like three stacked tags. I cannot find the place to make a new one of these. Has it been eliminated and if so, what has replaced it? Oddly enough I cannot make new files under a “group” which I thought might function the same way. I know this is a very basic question but would REALLY appreciate some help.

Here is the folder I am trying to make. It has an arrow to expand it:
Stacked Tag Folder
Here is the only think I can come up with, which does not have an arrow:
Groups Folder

The option to exclude groups from tagging in File > Database Properties is probably disabled.

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This fixed it, thank you!!! I appreciate your help!

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