Typewriter mode

I know this has been requested before, but I guess it does not hurt to request it again.

I would really like to have a typewriter mode available, especially when using the fullscreen mode. Scrivener has this feature and I think it is really good. I don’t like looking at the bottom of my screen, and while there are ways to circumvent this problem, I think a typewriter mode would be a nice addition to what is already a great program.

So please, implement a typewriter mode!

Edit: Oh, and by the way, automatic capitalization if i’s and the first letter of a new sentence would also be a nice feature.

I use Scrivener …

As do I…for me DTPO, while a great information management program, doesn’t work for me as a writing environment other than to jot notes.

Anyone who works with long documents – a huge number of DT users, I would imagine – would benefit from this idea. I strongly support this suggestion.

And anyone thinking of trying Scrivener: go for it, it’s great.

I use Scrivener too, and it is a great program. But I use it for another part of my writing process. I take notes, jot down down ideas and the like in Devon Think, export those into Scrivener where I use them as the foundation for my text. I am currently writing my master thesis, so there are naturally a lot of notetaking and idea-jotting going on. I prefer to do this in Devon Think so that everyting T write get into the database; somenthing that will help me later on in the process.

So while I don’t use Devon Think as a word processor per se, I still do a lot of writing in it. Enough to miss typewriter mode and automatic capitalisation. It would probably not be very hard to implement them, and if they are made optional (as they should be), we can get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Until DT gets typewriter scrolling check out WriteRoom. You can open text and rft files in WriteRoom’s full screen editor using the open with… function. Set a shortcut key in your OS X preferences using WriteRoom correctly capped, and you’re good to go. All you have to do is use command+s before leaving WriteRoom to save the changes in DT. command+w to close the document off in WriteRoom. Personally I think it’s a brilliant solution and blows away DT’s own full screen editor. For starters WriteRoom provides typewriter scrolling and lots of other brilliant features that are not there yet in DT full screen editor. I personally can’t stand editing text at the bottom of my screen or window. So, please include typewriter scrolling in upcoming releases of DT.

Another big vote for typewriter mode.