Uh Oh. 1.9 Crashing when deleting entry

I really hate to report this, but I have a consistently repeatable issue that’s big trouble.

If I try to delete any entry now, immediately after confirming that I want to delete, DT just quits with nothing entered in the crashlog, but I get a message in the console that looks like something I’ve seen before on the web but I don’t know where. This message is not in my DT database, and I’m certainly not the user mentioned.

Here goes:
/Users/criss/Documents/Projekte/DevonKernel/Neuron.m:508: failed assertion `numberOfConnections(self)==0 && numberOfChilds(self)==0 && numberOfParents(self)==0’

I have verified, optimized, restored, etc. the db files.

Sorry, guys…any ideas?


below, in a previous report of almost the same issue. I’ll do a complete rebuild and see what happens.

OK, issue resolved. I shouldn’t have been so quick to post, but had never rebuilt the entire db before. That was scary. :open_mouth:

Sorry to interrupt, back to your regularly scheduled activities. 8)

If I try to delete an entry now, immediately after confirming that I want to delete, DT just quits with nothing entered in the crashlog, but I get the “/Users/criss/Documents/Projekte/DevonKernel…” message in the console.

It’s back, and I’m getting a clue of its origins. I believe the entries were all entered from the ‘Services>Take Rich Note’ when using the NetNewsWire 2.0b6 built-in browser.

An item of note is that the new DT feature of grabbing the URL does not happen when using NNW’s browser.

It’s not a huge issue, but thought I’d pass along.

FWIW, I was having this problem too. It seemed to occur when I tried to delete PDF files that were linked to files outside the DevonThink database or internal folder (i.e., They were elsewhere in my Documents folder). I did a complete rebuild and that seemed to fix the problem. (I also used the old multiple database AppleScript trick to put all my static PDFs in a database separate from all my own text notes.)


The most likely reason why the issue is back is the bug of V1.9 which has been fixed now. Therefore using V1.9a and rebuilding the database again should finally fix the problem.

Thank you Good Sir, and continued patience to you thruout these trying transitioning times.

Well, although I said I trashed DT and the database out of frustration with the misbehaviour of 1.9, it took only a few days before I missed it, and I was lucky enough to have a backup of my old database in an archive. I tried it out with the 1.9a release, and sure enough all is well now. I’m happy to have DT back in its rightful place in my Dock.

I suppopse it’s good practice to make a duplicate of your database before any major upgrade, just in case.