uh, where is the Chrome extension?

Can’t find it…

Just install it via DEVONthink (Pro Office) > Install Add-Ons.


I did - nothing gets installed at all. I don’t get a dialog, and in Chrome, in the extensions tab (Tools > Extensions), there is no DT extension.

Chrome 11.0.696.71, Mac OS X 10.6.7


After installing the extension, a new tab is opened in Google Chrome and you’ll have to accept the extension (see bottom of window).

And if I want to install it in chromium? Just a link would be awesome…

Ah - thanks Christian. What I did was uninstall the previous DT extension, reinstall it - accept it at the bottom. What happened before: I must have missed the bottom “tab” and cleared the download history or something, and then the extension wasn’t really installed, but the extensions pages listed it as installed.

But all is fine now!