UI Behavior when Syncing

I love the utility and functionality that this app is going to provide me, but do have some annoyances based on my quick 10 minute test drive:

When I tap the computer to sync with, nothing happens. If the connection succeeds, I get they Sync screen for that computer about 10 seconds later. However, I have no indication that it’s working during this period, so I may not realize that it is and try tapping the button again. There should be some indication that the app is working during this time.

Also, there are way too many taps to get a sync to complete. Most of the options available to me here should be somewhere else (maybe in App settings). When I tap sync, I want the app to just sync with whatever I’ve configured to sync.

Lastly, I wish you had the App settings available within the app. A button in the dock from the start screen (next to the sync button) seems to be the most obvious based on my experience in other apps.

I believe the thinking behind this is that it was better to keep all user-defined settings in one location for consistency. As DEVONthink To Go has a database reset option, which can only be set when the app is closed, all settings are located in the Settings app.

Sync settings cannot go into the Settings app because all settings there are simple switches, no real application logic behind. But the sync process will be streamlined in a future release.