UI for folder navigation


This seems like a good idea: holding the document name title could show a group hierarchy like cmd-clicking the Finder window title.


Pretty good idea… I’m not sure if that’s actually possible with the iOS UI though (I’m not an iOS developer… but I have “dabbled”).

I’d also like to see more of my document and group titles. Maybe a smaller font for starters. I file all my bank statements in DTPO as follows:

Finance > Bank of Scotland > Statements > 2009 > BoS Statement 08/2009
Finance > Bank of Scotland > Statements > 2010 > BoS Statement 09/2009


This is fine on the MBP, but on the iPad the title gets chopped a lot due to the size of the left hand navigation pane in that split-view. After drilling down to a specific year, I get 12 entries listed like…

BoS Statement…
BoS Statement…

Sometimes even tapping the blue arrow to show document info… The title is still truncated with the …

A smaller font and maybe utilising the sub-heading text in that table cell with relevant info would be great!


yeah it seems like someone needs to push apple a bit and break from the iOS UI as is, why wait for iOS 10: OS X took long enough, years before turning to a gray and neural interface, text backgrounds are still white though that may change with Lion since there have been so many iOS examples… So who is going to be like a Delicious Monster for iOS and even invent new UI elements before Apple… Hmm DT… why not…

A status bar that’d show “Finance > Bank of Scotland > Statements” could be useful but I’m not sure how well it’d work out even with the screen space of iPad. Some quick combined way to see and navigate, even with the limited space of iPhone could be possible. A combined group hierarchy view, navigation, and info sheet maybe… A 2/3 panel view by columns like the Finder, maybe… Someone needs to be push the iOS UI along, even OS X is taking its time… If we could see what Mail would look like in OS X 10.8/9—maybe some combination of Aperture/iPhoto/OmniFocus 2 or 3/Papers, we could have the new DT desktop UI.



Now THAT… Is absolutely amazing. That’s exactly what the guys at DEVON tech need to implement. That split-view-controller would suit DTTG… To a Tee :smiley:

If you look at the credits for TextExpander, it’s using Gemmel’s code…

the MGSplitViewController would be absolutely marvellous.

I am organizing my personal notes for years with a basic structure derived from google directory (the german translations). I used it within journler and transferd it to dtp.

navigating my categories tree with this GUI would be so much fun.
truncated titles could be circumvented by a flexible UI.