Un-download a document

I like that the new sync mechanism only syncs document headers at first and you then have to drill-into (i.e., choose to sync) the actual document body. However, is there a way to “un-download” a document body once you’ve downloaded it? The use case is as follows: Let’s say I have a very large document. I download it to read it. Now, having read it, I no longer need it stored on my mobile device. Is there a way to remove the body from my mobile device without actually deleted the document in cloud storage?

Yes (and yes, this is also covered in the built-in Help). It is called a Purge and can be done on a file or a group. It is available in the Organize menu.

Thanks for this clarification, Bluefrog. I might just add to the OP’s comment that I read that passage in the help a few times, and still was not particularly clear about what purge would do, that the information would stay safely available on the server. And I am still unclear whether or not this would also affect not just “shallow syncing” databases but also databases that I have chosen to sync in full. That passage in the Help file could use with a bit of an editorial rewrite for clarity. I am sure it is technically precise, but (at least I found) it is a bit hard to understand.

@talazem: Thanks for your assessment. We are definitely looking at these things.

Purge only removes local data from the mobile device. If you downloaded the contents for a file and no longer want the contents stored in DTTG2, Purge merely removes the content from that file in that database. It affects nothing else.

Thank you for the response, Jim. But to be clear: in addition to the file being removed (say, a PDF), will the indexing of that file be removed, and will the metadata be removed? In other words, can I still search in my database, find it (by searching for text that has been indexed, or for metadata like the tile), and then decide to download it again?

@talazem: Yes, it only purges the contents. (That would kinda stink if we purged and made the file unsearchable! :mrgreen: )