Unable to access styles

I have lost the ability to access styles – i.e., when I click Format>Style>Styles…nothing! No Add to favorites, no ability to edit existing style, no ability to save style of currently selected text.

After looking at some of the responses to similar questions, I went to TextEdit to see if I could edit my styles there. No joy. My current styles are available, but I can’t edit any of them or save new ones.

Since the problem shows up in both DTPO and TextEdit, I infer it’s some sort of system-wide problem.

Any ideas? suggestions?

I’m working on a mid-2014 MacBookPro, running Yosemite 10.3.3

If I recall correctly how to fix this, try creating a new style in TextEdit, using the style icon on the toolbar (has the ¶ icon), save it to Favorites, and then see if your styles are available in DEVONthink.

Thanks Greg.

I was able to create a new style, save it, and it did show up in DevonThink.

Now, do you know how to delete a style that didn’t turn out the way it was intended or is no longer useful?

  1. Select ‘Show Styles…’ from the Styles toolbar icon
  2. Click on Favorite Styles
  3. Select the style that you wish to delete
  4. Click on Remove from Favorites