unable to activate word service shortcuts

os 10.6.4

i installed the latest version of word service today - happy to find a way to change case on text easily.

but when i chose the shortcut - cmd shift c – i get the color picker… not a change in case… it happens in all apps i try in (mail etc)

i rebooted to ensure it had loaded the service.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get word service short cuts working?

There are not many keyboard Command-key shortcuts, and various applications and utilities may compete for them.

Click on the application name in the menubar, choose Services, then Services Preferences. In the left column, check to make certain that the Service in which you are interested is activated (checked), and that there’s not a yellow triangle (indicating a keyboard shortcut conflict). You may deactivate the other Service that conflicts, or change the keyboard shortcut.

hi –
i went in to services - checked off the one for Title case… (cap 1st letter of words) – and no conflict shows - yet it still brings up the color picker… i think shift cmd c is an os level shortcut.

i can’t seem to find any way to change the shortcut - of either the color picker (not found) or the word service.


greetings all - just bought the special bundle both PRO OFFICE and Devont Search tool - in both I cant seem to add my serial numbers at all - would appreciate your help - in both cases the “register” button is grayed out.

This is not related to this thread. Please make sure you start new threads for new topics. However, in this case, Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.