Unable to add or modify Keywords for searchable PDF entries

Occasionally I need to change keywords, subject or a comment on a database item. Usually this happens when I scan something via my ScanSnap, have it converted to searchable text PDF and then accidentally skip through the dialog box where these properties are set. I have been unable to edit these items.

I highlight the appropriate entry and select “Show Info” unter the “Tools” menu. The Document Properties box appears but I have been unable to edit any information (or lack of information) contained in the Document Properties box! Is this normal? I did see some mention that not all forms of entries could be edited in this manner, but could find no list of which forms of data could or could not be edited.

I always set DTPO2 Preferences > OCR with the ‘set attributes’ option unchecked, as I usually scan a number of documents at a time and want OCR to run through the whole batch without the queue stopping and waiting for me to respond to the title/subject/keywords dialog.

Aside: If I’ve scanned a batch of 14 documents, that can be done quite rapidly with my ScanSnap and I can then forget about it for the time being and do other work in my database while OCR is processing in the background. I would find it very irritating if the Set Attributes dialog were to pop up every now and then, with OCR stopped until I respond. Oh yes, which set of copy is that for this title, subject, etc.?

Once the searchable PDF has been stored in DTPO2, it can be given an appropriate name and any keywords or comments can be added in the Info panel. In most cases I don’t even have to type in the Name; just select title text, Control-click and choose the contextual menu option, ‘Set Title As’. Any comments or keywords entered in the Comment field of the Info panel are searchable, and will be saved as Spotlight comments when the PDF is exported.

Back in the old days, most databases couldn’t find a PDF unless that attributes information had been filled out. But with DEVONthink’s searching capabilities, I almost never bother to enter keywords. Most of my tagging effort is merely the choice of the appropriate database and group into which the document gets stored.

@Bill: slightly off topic, but is there an easy way to remove tags from a document that was imported into DTPO 2 from another program, i.e., Together, where it had been assigned tags. The tags show up, but I can’t get rid of them. The result is that because of the tag, the file will show up when I use “see also,” and have no other connection with the main file other than the tag, i.e., if I search for the term information wanting to find files with the word, the tagged file without the word information in it also shows up. I know I can click the box to exclude the file from “see also,” but that seems to defeat the purpose of “see also” in other cases where the tag file should be found.