Unable to Bonjour Sync

Hi all,

I’m unable to sync my DTPO (version 2.9.2) to DTTG (version 2.0.1).

On my Mac I have, for my Bonjour Options, “Enable Incoming connections” checked as well as “Open databases automatically” checked. A port was picked for me at random (currently 51041) and I have a password set.

On my iPhone, Bonjour Options have “Enable incoming connections off”, I have manually set the port to the same number (51041), and the same password is set. The cloud icon on the toolbar appears to be dimmed (although it is difficult to tell). Tapping it produces no visible activity.

What might I be doing wrong? Thanks!

Have you set up a Sync location per the built-in Help instructions?

The instructions are confusing for me, Jim. I want a Direct Connection to my Mac. I go to the Locations settings on DTTG, but don’t see Direct Connection, just Box, CloudMe, Dropbox, and WebDAV. My reading of the DTTG Manual indicates I should see Direct Connection

Please start a Support Ticket. I’ve got something I’m working on that should help.

Ticket 612334 created. Thanks!

Thanks to Jim for help. It turned out I needed to remove all Bonjour port information from both DTPO and DTTG. Syncing like a champ now!

Glad it’s working now. Cheers! :smiley:

Hi Jim and Paul,
Having the very same issue, but haven’t tried to remove the Bonjour port info. How do I do this??

In DTTG, tap the sliders on the toolbar (on the right).
Tap the “Set Options” button to the right of Bonjour
Tap the Port text field and clear it

In DTPO, select Preferences
Go to the Sync tab
Click the Bonjour Options… button
Clear the Port field

Hopefully that works!

Thank you thank you!!! It’s working now!
I really do not want to sync my sensitive data anywhere except on my local wifi. This upgrade has really thrown me for a loop. I have lost password encryption protection of my databases in this new version and am now struggling with a work-around for that now, too…

Thanks for your help with the bonjour!!