Unable to capture web page for offline viewing/archiving

As per the DT tutorial, in DT I go to Data>New>Link and then enter the URL. When the page fully loads, I ctrl-click the web page and choose “capture page” in the contextual menu. I’ve probably done this 30 or 40 time is my database…and I went back to look at an archived page when I was offline only to find that none of the “captured” pages had been archived.

What am I doing wrong?

Just use the command “Capture Web Archive” instead of “Capture Page” (which is only capturing the HTML page/source).

I feel really stupid now. I tried that…and it didn’t work. So I knew I was doing something wrong. So I started looking around, and found about 100 of my “unsuccessful” captures in the incoming folder. For some idiotic reason, I assumed it would capture it to the same folder I was in. Duh…


I’m not getting this. I have DT Pro 1.2.1 and I have not found “Capture Web Archive” or “Capture Page” in any DT menu. Is this a script? Where do I find these options? It is not in the Data>New menu.

See the online Help. :slight_smile:

When viewing a Web page in the DT Pro browser, Control-click (right click) in the background of the page and choose the contextual menu option Capture Web Archive.

Bill…what’s the difference between capture page and capture web archive? I’m not a computer kind of guy. What would be the benefits of one over the other?

Thanks, so simple – once you see it.