Unable to edit database

Hi, I’ve recently moved 2 TB of images to DEVONthink Pro 3 v9, and stored the database on an external drive, no issues until today. When I try to open the database, it shows a message that one major file is corrupted and I’m unable to edit the database as you can see: the crossed-pen. Please advise as to how to identify the mentioned file and edit the files in the database. Thanks

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The error icon (crossed pencil) is decribed in the Trouble Shooting chapter of the “DEVONthink Manual”, page 186 of the 3.9 version of the manual. Also same content in “Help”. Best to look there for specific steps.

Thank you, I changed the permissions and unlocked it to everyone, but now the application isn’t responding at all.

Maybe it is doing something? 2TB is quite an amount of data to drop into a database. What are you planning to do with it?

Before crashing it was indexing the images. It’s my archives for the dissertation, and I want to use it for retrieving, analyzing, and drawing connections between the sources.

I keep getting this error, what should I do?

How much space is left in the disk?

On my Mac it’s 700 GB, and on my external drive 10 TB. I still can’t edit despite changing permissions.

Did you try what the dialog box says? “Please restore the last backup or rebuild the database and verify the contents afterwards!”

If trying all that is in the Manual fails, see the last line of the documentation in that section: "
If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support team."

Under the Help button in DEVONthink.

Ignoring didn’t do anything, so now I’m rebuilding it and it’s indexing the files, if all fails I’ll contact them, thanks.

And then do a “verify”.

Are the documents in that database IMPORTED or INDEXED, and if INDEXED, where do they reside? Still accessible by DEVONthink?

Edit: And after rebuilt and verified, recommend you take a backup. I’d do both a DEVONthink Database Archive (and do that every so often), and make sure your external drive is part of your normal system backup regime.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say DT3 is probably not the right tool for this job.


I wondered that too with mention of “images”. Maybe exploiting the “meta” data about the images is worthwhile, but DEVONthink not an image processor. Not sure of OP’s expectations and needs, I guess.

They are indexed and accessible by DT via the external drive. Thanks for the tip. I’m merging and deleting images to make PDFs, and it’s not allowing me now to do that until indexing is over? and is there a limit on the amount of data to process in DT?

Others can comment. Best advice is to do the conversion of images to PDF (which is what you are doing?) in batches. Not all at once.

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no issues until today.

  • So it was working previously?
    • If so, what changed on your system recently?

Also, your History global smart group is showing ovr 420,000 documents have been added. The soft, comfortable limit on a modern machine is 250,000 items per database. Something to think about when performance is in question.

And how are you curating that massive amount of images to create PDFs?

Thanks, @BLUEFROG. I can’t recall anything that has changed, it was running smoothly until I updated my Mac Pro and the problem came up. The images are divided into folders, then I merge and delete them to create PDFs out of them. The database was indexing over night, and now that’s done, it’s showing the error message that I posted earlier again and I still can’t edit the database or break it down.