Unable to edit docs in Server when viewing search results, but ok if selecting docs in the left side bar

I’m on DT Server 3.8.5, working on a local network via Safari in the Standard view mode. I’m logged in with a user that has full access rights (all the tickboxes ticked in Server > Users).

If I go to a smart group on the left (e.g. any item that is rated) and click on a doc from there, then I can edit the information in the right hand ‘info’ panel as expected.

BUT if I search for a keyword and try to click a result and edit the meta data from the search results in the info panel, nothing is editable (e.g. ratings, labels etc…) or if it is editable (comments) then nothing saves.

I have one library which I am trying to share with a small team who are doing a review of PDFs. They need to search for keywords, go through the results, label, tag, and add comments.

Steps to create issue:

  • Select the Database on the left
  • Search for a key word (finds 43 results)
  • Click any PDF that appears in the main results pane
  • On the right, open up the info pane
  • PROBLEM: Nothing is editable (labels, rating etc… ) and if I try to type in comments, I can type, but then going away and coming back to the doc, everything is lost.

Thanks for your feedback, I have modified the web application to make the info panel fields editable in with the search results. This will be included in the next update.


Brilliant - look forward to the update