Unable to edit "Show Properties" pane

Unable to edit “Show Properties” pane. It comes up empty, when I click in any of the fields I don’t
get the curser to type in info. Is there a setting that I missed.

Thank You
Devonthink Pro Version 2.8.4
O.S. X 10.10.2

No surprise.

Document Properties (Tools > Show Properties) fields are most likely to be editable in text documents, and some fields are likely to be editable in PDF documents. The fields are not editable in many filetypes.

I have a variety of filetypes in my databases and prefer workflows that can accommodate that. For that reason, I don’t use the Document Properties fields.

Yes, it does work in rich and PDF text (which is what I am interested in) as long as I typed something in the body!


May we have a clarification on this issue ?

I have the same problem as John:

Using more extensively, and exploring deeply the functions of DTP lately, I realize I have edited the properties of some PDF documents (although I could not edit all fields,for ex. company, copyright, and sadly comments), but I cannot edit the properties of RTF and Text documents.

I don’t understand the logic behind the properties of the Properties window (sic). Can someone from Devon Technologies explain us?

The Properties pane is a convenience item that only applies to PDF and Rich Text documents. It is giving access to already existing metadata supported by those formats. It is not allowing you to add unsupported metadata to any arbitrary file type.