Unable to find DevonThink notes on iOS 11 spotlight

I am unable to find DevonThink notes on iOS 11 spotlight all of a sudden. A search for the note does not bring up anything.

That’s correct. To avoid unnecessarily duplicating the amount of storage needed for the searchable text, we only add metadata to Spotlight but not the text. Otherwise this could very quickly bloat the Spotlight index and eat up a lot of storage on your device.

Please eat up to 10 GB of my storage space in indexing… love 128 GB iphone :smiley:

Perhaps a option for the text as well for those of us with a lot of storage.

I agree. I max out the storage on all my devices and am willing to use some of that iOS storage to find my files.

Noted as a feature request with no promise :slight_smile:

+1 for allowing this as an option.