Unable to open existing database

I am relatively new to DT… have DT Office Pro and am unable to open an existing database this morning. All I get is a “ding” sound when trying to open… any suggestions?? I was able to access it fine yesterday.

Thanks for any help!

Did you install new software yesterday? Did anything unusual happen, such as a power outage or system crash? Did you do any file “housekeeping” such as deleting, moving or renaming files? Are you running the DEVONthink application for which you are registered? Those are typical questions one thinks of in such a case, when something changes from one day to the next.

I’m assuming that this is your default database, and that you attempted to start it by launching DT Pro. Is that right? If so, locate your database file in the Finder and double-click on it. Does it open properly? Do you have another database package file to try? If not, you can download a small example database at http://www.devon-technologies.com/support/academy/dt_examples.html and see it it opens properly.

If no database will open, make certain that you haven’t inadvertently downloaded DT Pro rather than DT Pro Office, as the registration for one won’t work for the other.