Unable to Open Files Since Upgrade to DT3beta5

I updated to DT3beta5 and since have not been able to open any of my existing files nor create a new one.

Every time I try to open from recents nothing happens. Same goes for when double click on one of the existing .dtbase2 files.

Under toe File Menu the Open Database, Open Encrypted Database, and Open Database are grayed out. Open Recent is there, but as I said nothing will open.

I also ran Disk Utility, and just redownloaded and installed DT3 but still the same.

Any ideas?

Is this a purchased version of are you running the trial?

This is the purchased version.

Or should be, I will check.

I had purchased it and thought I had entered the license, but it appears I did not. So I entered the information and am now able to open files.

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome. Cheers!