Unable to register for forums?

I tried registering to post in the forums but got an error saying that my email address cannot be used. I thought it may be related to the fact that I have licenses associated with this email address - so I tried the forgot password link, but there it says that my email address is invalid.

Is there a default account created for registered license holders on this forum? If so, what would the username be (that’s one field I couldn’t guess)?

After trying a few times, I finally created an account for the forums using another email address.


No, we don’t add users to the forum.

Then why would it not allow me to register with my email address with an error that specifically says that I’m not allowed to register with that address? The one that I tried registering was a Yahoo address, and the one I’m using for this post now is a Gmail address - so it’s not something about free email services. I tried registering a few times with the Yahoo address and saw the same message.

It’s not such a big deal, but I’d prefer to use the address I use for buying the products so that all communications are consolidated.


We block certain email domains due to lots of forum spam in the past. Maybe Yahoo is part of the blocked domains too.