Unable to register

Hey everyone,

I had a situation where I had to force quit Devon Think and now it’s telling me that the app is unregistered. When I try to re-enter the reg information the registration button button remains inactive (grayed out). I’ve verified my serial number and I’ve tried everything including tabbing out of the entry fields. Is there any thing I can do short of reinstalling? If I have to reinstall how can I make sure to preserve my DB?


Please make sure that you have installed the correct edition of DEVONthink, DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office are easily confused.

Hi, Pat. You didn’t say whether you are using DEVONthink Personal Edition, or DT Pro or DT Pro Office.

Remember that there are three elements to the registration information that are contained in your license code email: Name, Organization and License Code. Each must be entered exactly (no changes or typos) into the corresponding fields in the registration panel. After entering the last field, press the Tab key and the Register dialog should activate so that you can finish.

Note that your registration information is specific to the application for which registration was purchased. Example: If you purchased registration for DT Pro but have been testing DT Pro Office in demo mode, you should delete DT Pro Office, empty the trash, remove the Dock icon for DT Pro Office and reinstall DT Pro.

Force Quite should be used with caution, and one should wait for a time before invoking it. The reason is that, if data is being written to disk at the time Force Quit is invoked, the database and/or preferences files could be damaged. Be patient long enough to be pretty confident that the application really is frozen before using Force Quit.

Reinstalling your application isn’t normally necessary, but try that if nothing else works. Your database won’t be affected by reinstalling the application.

If you continue to have problems, send us an email at Support (Help > Support) describing the problem and providing information about the application you are using, its version, and the operating system you are using. Note that if your database was damaged, we can walk you through recovery.