Unable to search anything :(

I’m strucked to a strange behaviour: my agent is unable to perform a search and when i press the button it works for less than a second and then stops.
If i access to the net using internal browser i can surf but search function is non working.

It’s happened after the passage from mac mini g4 to mac mini intel core duo (great machine) where i imported all my files and settings. On the g4 i had a privoxy installation and now i removed it but i also removed the proxy setting in Preferences panel.

I tried with last stable (a registered one) and with new public beta, removing all “devonagent” files from spotlight for a clean try.

What can i try now?

Probably the proxy settings are not correct - you could delete the preferences (com.devon-technologies.agent.plist), launch DA and enter the proxy settings again if necessary.

Note: The final release will use the system-wide proxy settings - there won’t be a proxy preferences pane in DEVONagent 2.0 anymore.

Thank you for your fast reply.

i removed .plist file and it correctly recreated it. Preferences are resetted but no news on the search front.
I still obtain the 0 pages with 0kb done :frowning:

I don’t understand if it’s a problem of the enviroment (but all is working fine) or the agent+intel.
How can i be sure i’m using a universal binary? (question good for devonthink personal, also)

Which search set and which search term did you use?

Please check that the proxy settings of DEVONagent are identical to proxy settings of the system. But there are no universal binaries of DA/DT available yet for the public.

Any from devon tech to red apple fruit. Note that the search task is not performed so any word will result in nothing.

Now i have no proxies at all so i really don’t understand. Wiping settings file should reset all the previous preferences, and it seems to be. Furthermore, a wrong proxy will results as a non working browser too, and i’m still able to open html pages in the integrated one.
All this bring me to think that it’s some bond to search engine: are you sure that it works with intel chips?

I can also try to remove devonthink and reinstall both but i’m working with it (and glad to) and i prefer not touch it for now.

The integrated browser uses Apple’s WebKit (and the system-wide proxy settings) whereas the proxy settings of DEVONagent are only necessary for searching and the download manager. Or maybe I should say “were only necessary” because the final release will unify & simplify this. If you’re interested in checking the latest beta, just let me know.

Yes, please. I’m far from an agent power user but i would like to check if the latest beta works on this enviroment or not.

Actually, the beta perform searches flawlessy.

I removed all “devonagent” files except DEVONagent CM.plugin (because he was locked).

It seems that the guilty was the phantom proxy setting :frowning: