Unable to Upload file to web server

I can download files from the web server, create new notes, groups, and I can re-arrange groups, move files around etc.

Databases are set to share, and are not password protected. (Web server is password protected).

Whatever I try I cannot Upload a file into any location? It seems to “go through the motions”, with no errors, and a message saying “Updating” (folder names scroll quickly on the message), and it seems to “Refresh”. Then it is finished. But nothing has been uploaded - and I have checked thoroughly.

I have tried this from two different Macs using Safari and Chrome, and a PC using IE. Same process with all of them.

It seems as if I have one-way access to download, but not upload, so am I missing a simple setting somewhere? Web server runs on port 8080 as default.

Any ideas?

Also - the downloaded files are always downloaded as ZIP files - is this normal, or a clue that a security setting is behind this?

Same problem, here.