unable to "zoom to fit" images in rss feeds

I am using DTPro to view several RSS feeds. Many of them with images display at actual size - meaning they are far wider than the window size. I’ve tried the View - Zoom to… menu items. It does allow me to zoom out partially, but never to the point where the entire image is within the window. And the zoom to fit/zoom to width options are greyed out.

I’d like easch RSS feed image to automatically resize to fit within the window I am using - I sense I am missing something…

Anticipatory thanks…


The look of the feed is controlled by the Preferences > RSS > Feed Style Sheet dropdown.

Could you post the URL of one of the feeds?

Jim, I’ve tried the options onder style sheets (Default, Leopard, Simple, Tiger) but all seem to give the same results. Possible that changing this setting might only apply to subsequent RSS feed downloads, I guess. But so far I seem to have the same problem whichever option I choose). Is one of them more likely to solve the problem?

Christian, one such RSS is The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Another is 9to5Mac:


You can add stylesheets to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/StyleSheets

I am using the github2.css stylesheet and it resizes the image with the window width.

The next maintenance release will improve the default style sheets.

Jim, brilliant! github2.css resolved the problem. Thanks!

My pleasure. :smiley: