Unchecked "Inherit Tags of Groups" doesn't stop the inheriting of tags

I turned off “Inherit Tags from Groups,” but the DTP database keeps letting tags be inherited from groups.

(On that panel, I’ve also turned off “Exclude Groups from Tagging” and kept “Case Insensitive…”.)

What am I doing wrong?

You could try to close the database and open it again. It this doesn’t help try restarting DEVONthink.

Hi pete31. Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ve closed and reopened the database and DTP several times over the last week. I noticed it about seven days ago.

Are you seeing this in more than one database?
It’s a database-specific setting.

Thanks for your reply, Bluefrog.

I tested a different database and found the same thing. HOWEVER, I tried something new: I turned off “exclude groups from tagging” and that behavior stopped.

I had interpreted that selection to mean that groups would not be tagged. But it seems to actually mean “tagging” as an action the groups apply to children, not what happens to groups themselves.

You’re welcome.

Exclude Groups from Tagging disables group tags, i.e., tags created from the name of the parent group(s).
These tags are discussed in Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging > Group Tags.

Thanks, Bluefrog. Clear now.

You’re welcome