uncommanded folder trashing

Has anyone seen this: I open my database to add some stuff and the folder into which I wanted to put that stuff is missing. After some digging I find the folder, now empty, sitting in the trash. The 577 items that were in the folder are now sitting in the root level of my database.

This was in the version just prior to 2.7.3.

Is there some kind of short-cut method to move all contents of a folder and then trash the folder that I could have triggered by accident? Because other than that, it seems that there are too many steps to have this happen by accident.

Any help appreciated.


What you describe can happen if documents are stored directly into a Tag group, and then the tag is deleted (moved to the trash). This will cause all the documents previously in the Tag group to be moved to the root of the database.

I don’t know what tags are so I’m not explicitly tagging anything. And I didn’t explicitly delete anything, knowingly.

Still, it’s interesting.