Under "Open Databases," a database title disappears

A problem has developed recently with DT Pro Office 2.0.9 –

Of my seven databases, the title/label of one of them – the same one every time – disappears after I have quit DT and then reopened it. The database is still there; I can retrieve it by searching in Spotlight for any of the documents inside the database, then opening that document; this restores the label for the database into “Open databases,” and all is well for the time being. But then when I quit DT again and reopen it, the label has disappeared again. What should I do?

Do you use the recent databases in the sidebar or in the File menu? However, you could of course add the database to the favorites which are unlimited (contrary to the recent databases limited to the number specified in system preferences).

Updating to version 2.2.1 is highly recommended, by the way.

I use the “recent databases” list. In fact, the database whose name disappears does not even appear in the list when I choose:

File/Open Database/DT databases.

It seems to be stored somewhere else.

(I updated to DT Pro Office 2.2.1 – thanks for the reminder.)

What’s the number of recent items for documents, see System Preferences > Appearance (Leopard, Snow Leopard) or System Preferences > General (Lion)?

Please note that the “Recent databases” section in the sidebar doesn’t list databases that are favorites or opened (and therefore listed in the “Open databases” section).

I think I’ve worked it out by making the “missing” database the preferred one that opens automatically upon startup.

But strangely, there is no “Appearances” preference (in Snow Leopard) that would allow me to set the number of recent items for documents.

I’ll let it go as is for now. Thanks for the help.