Understanding "Current database only" with Classify (bug?)

When using classify I can check the “Current database only” checkbox in DT3.8.2. I would think that checking the box would make the classify algorithm only search in the current database and unchecking the box would make it search in all (open?) databases. But from what I notice it seems to work exactly opposite

“Current database only” unchecked: suggesting relevant tags (all the suggested tags are from the current database)

“Current database only” checked: suggesting no relevant tags

I’m not sure that I understand. The top screenshot (“Current database only” deselected) shows hits in the “Resources” database only (unless I’m overlooking something here). The second one (“Current databases only” selected) shows not hits.
This could indicate that “Resources” is not the current database. Maybe.

Sorry it’s not clear from the screenshot (because it’s a search window), but it is the current database. Also double checked by an Applescript to display dialog name of current database as string (-> Resources). See screenshots with the sidebar open below

In that case, it might well be that the logic is inverted. @cgrunenberg would have to tell.

Experimenting a bit more, this issue specifically seems to pop up with bookmarks, not with PDFs e.g.

These are actually groups (and also tags due to your database properties), ordinary tags are never suggested. Anyway, it’s an issue in case of bookmarks, next release will fix it.