Understanding Sheets

I have been working with Sheets and their are two problems I am having trouble getting my mind (or what’s left of it) around.
(1) In 3-pane view, I can sometime get the records in a sheet to show in columns and sometimes not.
(2) Then, when I can see the columns and use the forward and back arrows, the view will jump to individual record view (which is okay with me) but then it will jump to another sheet.
I am sure this is the way it is suppose to work, but I don’t understand the logic behind it. Can someone tell me how sheet work or point me the a document that explains it?

Hi, Jerry:

In the Three-Panes view, when you select a Sheet group (left column), the individual records are displayed in the top right pane and the sheet is displayed in the bottom right pane.

If you click on one of the records, it is displayed in the bottom right pane, where it can be easily edited.

To return to the Sheet view, click once more on the Sheet group in the left column.

Read in DT Pro’s online help (Help > DEVONthink Pro Help) the results of a search for “sheets”.

Double-click on the Sheet group to open it in its own window. This can be an appropriate way to view and work with the Sheet. The toolbar contains appropriate tools. (This is the way I usually work with Sheets.)

Now it dawns on me. Thanks.