Understanding use of group and folders

I am trying to make sense of the best way to set up DT for my genealogy research. As I understand, I could enter all my research results into DT or DT Pro as I do it and then at some point group all of the results that pertain to my father into his group; results for my mother into her group and results for each of my grandparents into each of their separate groups, ad infinitum. Do I understand grouping correctly?

Now I could also set up separate folders for each of the persons and put each piece of research into the respective file. Is that also an accurate understanding?

Now if I am correctly understanding both groups and folders, which one should I use and why? Please give me some examples of the use of each way if possible.

Wayne, DT Pro will allow you to do all of the above at the same time, using replicants of groups and/or documents.

Example: You may, if you wish, have a group for your father and place that group (or the information within it) in multiple locations. So you can place a group holding your father’s information as a subgroup showing the children of his parents. You can, at the same time, show the document inside his group (picture, name, date of birth, etc.) also in another group for your parents. This can be done by replication (read about it in the manual and in Help). You create a document or group only once, but can organize it in multiple ways at the same time.

And in addition to group hierarchies, you might consider using hyperlinking to help link and navigate your documents. Example: In the document containing your own data, you can link to your father’s document. In turn your father’s document can link to his father’s document and so on. You can link the names of your grandfather’s children to each of their documents. So you can ‘network’ and navigate all over the place! You can make it as simple or complex as you wish.

I’m not into geneology, but there are enough logical possibilities to boggle my mind. :slight_smile: