UNDO - Text lost?

Mist! I selected all of a text so that i could format the font. I accidentally hit a key and thus all of the text was replaced with a single character. I then clumsily took focus away from this text document, and then right back. Instinctively I hit command+Z to undo and got the error sound. Oh no! I so went up to the menu thinking maybe there’s a menu option. Then I thought, oh, i’ll just close without saving and reopen and the orignal unsaved document will be there: nichts!

Is there no undo? Or is this disabled during the evaluation period? (I notice Undo was not a selectable item).


Sounds like you’ve selected a different document in the main window and DEVONthink saved the changes automatically. Afterwards undo isn’t possible anymore.

I’ve isolated the behaviour.

If I make a change in document_1, and then move focus to a different document, document_2, and then go back to document_1, you can’t undo the orginal change. There seems to be an auto-save on change of focus. You can only undo while the instance document has focus. If one, as I had, gives focus to a different document, and then comes back and attempts an undo, nothing will happen. Ouch!

Lesson to be learnt: be very very carefull!


To prevent such problems you could also open the document in its own window.