Unending web link

I added a web link, but everything I
subsequently enter is also “blue link font”.

How do you “end” the link and revert
back to entering rich text?



Select the blue, underlined text. Now, select Format > Remove Link (or control-click and choose Remove Link).

Now select just the URL and select Format > Make Link (or control-click and choose Make Link).

Result: only the Web link will be active, and will appear as blue, underlined text. The following text will now be regular rich text.

Hope this helps.

Never mind. Got it–just the normal Mac way.

Just beginning to learn the ropes, and hung myself.

Actually, I feel there’s still something peculiar with regard to link formatting (blue/underlined). It’s very easy to fall into a situation where you have some fragment of blue/underlined text. This happens when you have a link and start typing immediately after it.

Then it’s sometimes difficult to remove that formatting. The Format/Remove Link command is unavailable unless you can find exactly the extent of the invisible/unwanted link.

Would it be possible to make that command (and, ideally, a keyboard shortcut for it) available whenever a text selection includes some link formatting?

I guess another way to look at what I’m asking for is this: a command to make selected text revert to the default formatting. Maybe that’s already in there and I just can’t find it?