Unexpected search results

Hi friends,

I’m trying to run a primary search similar to the below, but am getting different results than expected.

(Joe OR Jane OR John OR James) BEFORE Smith

The results that I’m getting are hits for any Smith (Theresa, Angela, Fred, Gregory, William, etc.), not just Joe, Jane, John or James as expect.

When I look in the Settings, under the Follow Link, it’s showing:

Joe OR Jane OR John OR James OR Smith

Which is in keeping with the results that I’m getting, but not not wanting.

How can I adjust the search to only obtain the search hits/results that I’m expecting?


I’m not seeing an issue on a Google search.

Hi Jim,

Could my results be because I’d chosen search set Web “Deeper” as opposed to Google?

Web Deeper follows one level of links, but your unexpected results may still be accurate hits. Here’s an example matching Steve Wynn, but you can see the text of this page also clearly shows Steve Perry.

Thanks Jim. Now that I dig a bit deeper, I see exactly what AND why it’s showing my unexpected results.

Curiously, what is it showing here, where the searches are all ORs, though my entered search is:

(Joe OR Jane OR John OR James) BEFORE Smith

The item terms from the search that help identify promising links on a page. From the Help: