Unexpected UI presentation for On Demand syncing

Background and intent:

I have purchased the pro upgrade to devonthink to go in order to use the on demand facility when syncing -

i.e. I want to see the metadata but only download the document when I need it - because I don’t have a lot of space on my iOS device.

I am using icloud syncing.

I understand that the deault on the location is ‘on demand’.

Expected behaviour:

So when I click on the info for a database that I am syncing from icloud I’d expect to see ‘On demand’ active and have the option to override this by setting the button to ‘always’ (though I actually want to have it 'on demand)

Actual behaviour:

Actually what I see is the ‘always’ and ‘on demand’ switch greyed out but it appears that ‘always’ is selected - it is the darker of the two.

To activate the switch I have to go back to location, switch off sync on that database, return to the databse and click info - then I have the button active and I can select ‘On demand’.

Then I go back to the location and switch on syncing and the ‘on demand’ option remains selected.


What is the colour of the selected option - is it a dark background (blue when active, grey when inactive) with white text, or outlined when selected with dark text?

Perhaps I am misreading which option is selected.

Interestingly the widget is not a switch - it is two buttons - you can have both buttons in the same state - which of course makes no sense at all.

Had you already synced before purchasing the Pro Pack?

Yes - but since then I have deleted teh databases I was playing with and started to sync databases in actual use.

Should I uninstall and reinstall do you think?

At the risk of repetition - what colour is the selected state representted by - dark with light text or light with outline and dark text? - i.e. if the datase is set to download documents on demand is ‘On Demand’ in blue with white writing (or grey with white writing)

Uninstalling and re-installing solved the problem - I can ‘edit’ the location and see the default ‘always’ or ‘on demand’ - now when I look at the info for a database I the ‘always’ or ‘on demand’ option is active straight away.

Dark seems to be clearly the selected option.

All good and as expected.

Thank you @BLUEFROG