Unidirectional sync of annotations

Anyone come across the peculiar problem of annotations (to a .pdf) only syncing one-way? Any .pdf.

Highlight some text on DTPO, shows up in DTTG 2.0.5.

Highlight text in DTTG, does not show up in DTPO.

Highlight different selection of text in both DTTG and DTPO, and upon next sync (set to automatic), highlight of text in DTTG .pdf is erased but DTPO highlight appears.

Would be grateful for any advice!

** UPDATE **

The issue may be with Dropbox.

When I created a syncstore on box.com and just synced my global inbox, bidirectional annotations seem to be functioning.

Doing further testing…

Interesting… Please keep us informed of what you’re finding.

Will do.

Am also noticing that PDF Expert on the iPad is taking a long time to read Dropbox folders. Could well be a problem with Dropbox.

Doing more testing now…

Another update:

Larger (2GB) database now being tested using box.com for the syncstore. I’m finding the annotation syncing to be sporadic. In some cases, DTTG-generated annotations will indeed copy over to DTPO, but in other instances it will not. Still testing, and will report back anything remarkable.

My sync store is located on a WebDAV on a private (remote) host. I did a quick test: send a PDF of this forum thread to DEVONthink as a PDF. Synced that up to DTTG2 (via WebDAV). Make three annotations: a highlight, a bubble note, and an arrow. Synced that back down to DEVONthink. The highlight and bubble note came through. The arrow had disappeared. I added a box annotation with DEVONthink and synced that back up to DTTG. The box appears, the arrow is now gone on DTTG2. I added two more arrow annotations on DTTG2 and a box annotation and sync’d the PDF back down to DEVONthink. The arrows disappeared again but the box I added in DTTG2 remained.

So, this is not a controlled test, but definitely some types of annotations can disappear in the sync process, and it’s not limited to Dropbox.

Sounds like an incompatibility of PSPDFKIT (iOS) and PDFkit (Mac) as the synchronization doesn’t modify files on its own and uses checksums to verify received contents.

Didn’t mention - I’m on 10.11.2 – so I am not constrained by 10.12.x’s PDF issues.

Also see

pspdfkit.com/guides/ios/current … atibility/

I repeated my testing with PDF Expert, which I believe uses neither PSPDFkit nor iOS or OSX PDF tools – I don’t have an issue in PDF Expert with lost annotations.

Thanks for doing some testing, korm. Forgot about the .pdf issues introduced.

You mentioned you’re using WebDAV on a private server. Is that as in a remote machine over which you have total control or a WebDAV service that you purchase? I’ve been thinking of looking into the latter for all of my syncing needs, not just DTPO, so would welcome any recommendations.