unique list views in 3 pane view

Maybe there is already a way to do this I’m unaware of; But I would really like to associate the listing parameters that are set with the document list pane (in 3 pane view) with a given folder;

Most of my document folders I use the same parameters (Name, Date, Kind, Size etc); But when I have an e-mail folder I want to see Subject, Sent, etc; Changing those changes all folders then I have to change it back; Is there a way to make a parameter view set persistent to the folder I’m in ? or some other method ?


Not directly in your database. However, if you put a smart group in the global sidebar that searches only the database in question, and looks for email documents, then the view parameters you set for that smart group apply only to it and not to your database. Gets you to where you want to go.

excellent - thanks Korm -

eventually I would vote for a Default View Parameters for a given database, overridden by one defined for a particular group (or at least smart group);

But this solution is a good one for now

thanks again


I’m not sure how that would work with possible differences between when a database is opened using an existing window vs. a new one.

I still struggle with DTPO unexpectedly losing track of window positions and readjusting panel/column widths, both within a single session and between sessions. And the (mis)behaviors can unexpectedly change between updates. I’ve written plenty about this type of unpredictability in usability and have mostly come to accept it’ll remain a moving target I do my best to work around.

good point - I would not want to trade dependability or even ease of use for more complex features. It would have to be done in a straight-forward manner without adding to the view issues you describe… perhaps this whole view parameters issue (others involve User Date fields etc.) should be tackled together… just a thought…



I know you specified “3-pane view” but just FYI, the list view and the “as tags view” both retain their columns. So, for instance, you can put the email columns into list view. You can then spend the majority of your time in three pane view (without the email columns) and switch on the fly to list view when viewing email folders.

Tom S.

ahh - good tip Tom;
I think I actually knew that but hadn’t thought of using it for a work around -
thanks much