Unique Menu Item Names (Rotate Left/Right)

I like to set app shortcut keys with System Preferences, and have mapped Command-Shift-[ and ] to Rotate Left and Rotate Right. Unfortunately, DT has acquired multiple different menus with the same name! (They’ve been around for a while, but I figured I’d report feedback instead of just deleting them every time they get installed.)

We have:

  1. Tools → Rotate Left and Rotate Right
  2. Script Menu → Images → Rotate Left and Rotate Right
  3. Script Menu → Thumbnails → Rotate Left and Rotate Right

It would be great if they had unique names so that they don’t conflict when setting shortcuts. Rotate Image Left, for instance, would help.

That’s not necessary, you can specify the complete menu hierarchy in system preferences like this:

Tools->Rotate Left

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How did I never know this??? Thank you!