Units unclear during search with file size

Just wanted to search for files over 100mb and realised that the search criteria “Size” is not intuitive.

various reasons:

  • the unit is unclear (i assume bytes?)
  • searching for “greater than 1000” reveals tags and groups. how/why?
  • “greater than 100mb” is not working at all (i.e. empty search list)
  • The word “Size” itself is confusing. is it file size? or for groups, is it the number of items in there? etc

It works here, and is file size. From p. 216 of the manual:

size: The size of a file in bytes, KB, MB, or
GB, e.g., size >= 50 MB.

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The size of a group/tag is the size of all documents inside.

Gotta say, this makes no sense to me, at all.

It also makes every search really cumbersome since now i have to add even more parameters to the search since you didn’t properly divide the keywords (size is now filesize and group size but there is no dedicated filesize which implicitly eliminates all groups/tags).

edit: “size >= 100mb” still gives me groups and tags?!?

sorry, didn’t see your reply. thank you