Unkown Files Rooundtripping?

I would like to be able to store all information relating to a topic in a DT database, including several files of “unknown” type. This avoids having some information in DT and some in the Mac file system, which is much cleaner imho.

However, before i do this i would like to know if DT can round-trip unknown files safely. That is, if i drag+drop the files to place them in the database and later drag+drop them back to Finder, will they round-trip without being edited or corrupted in any way? It appears to work ok, but it would be nice to know if others are doing this successfully and/or if there are any gotchas i need to be aware of.


Yes, indeed you can return unknown file types back to the Finder from your database.

There are no “gotchas”.

But there is a difference between dragging and dropping a file from the database to the Finder, or using File > Export > Files & Folders. If the name of the file has been changed in the database, the name change won’t be saved in the copy dragged to the Finder, but will be saved in a copy exported using File > Export > Files & Folders.