Unmarking Duplicates?

I have some images that are the same image in different formats - I need to keep all versions of them.

Since DEVONthink doesn’t distinguish between file formats when looking for duplicates, I have a lot of “false” duplicates.

Is there a way to mark them so they don’t show up in the duplicates folder?

No you can’t unmark them.

Enable Preferences > General > Stricter recognition of duplicates.

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What I do when I want duplicates or DT mistakes different files with Stricter recognition disabled -someitmes is interesting find files that have trivial differences-, is use tags. My “system” tags starts with a dot (.). Then I have .wanted_duplicate and .false_duplicate.

Then I edit the Duplicates Smart Group and make files with those tags don’t appear as duplicate. See capture.


I’m assuming in your screenshot, that last criteria should be Tag “is not” .false_duplicate?

Yes, yes. I showed you one of the I had wrong.