Unread items not syncing in DTTG 2.1.1

Hello, I have two documents that are unread on both my iPad and iPhone, and after what appears to be a successful sync, I cannot view either of the unread documents - when I click on them there is no document to view. I sync using Dropbox for the sync store and I choose to have everything downloaded all the time on both devices. This worked in previous versions.



What kind of documents did you try to view?

One is rich text and the other is web archive. I am able to view others of those types that have been sync’d.

Is anything at all displayed after selecting the documents? E.g. an error message?

Something very odd is happening. These documents are showing up in both the Global Inbox (which is not correct) and where I filed them yesterday. When I click on either instance, I get a screen that says there’s nothing to display. See attached.

I also now have a new sync error message about the encryption key. Again, see attached.

Please advise. This is new behavior.


Reenter the encryption key in the Sync location in DTTG2.

I did, and now everything works. But it was syncing until now, I have no idea why it should suddenly forget the encryption key. I literally never touch the sync settings. I’ll chalk this up to a ghost in the machine.


It’s happening under the hood in iOS. We don’t have an exact cause but are working toward a fix on it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.