Unreliable sync on iPad Air

I’ve been using DTG for about 6 months and apart from initial slow sync haven’t had many problems. However, having recently acquired a new iPad Air I’ve found it very unreliable. If I create a new RTF note on the Air it’s a long time before it syncs it. Once it syncs it appears quickly on other devices. I have a smart rule on a Mac that alters the note and that updated note appears on other devices quickly, but it’s a long time and only after several attempts to sync that it appears on the Air. I don’t have this problem with notes created on an iPad Pro or an iPhone.

If I’d had the Air first I don’t thing I’d have been happy with DTG.

What could be different to make DTG on the Air device so unreliable?

You’ll easily find on this forum where this issue discussed at length with suggestions for improvements. Also troubleshooting ideas fully discussed in the DEVONthink Manual and in Help. When you tried these ideas, what happened? What did or didn’t work? What was the evidence that helped you to conclude unreliability? And what is your evidence this is a hardware (iPad Air) caused issue?

Yes, I did do all that. The Air is set up for DTG in exactly the same way as the other two devices, and it does sync - eventually. It just takes considerably longer than the iPad Pro or the iPhone, meaning that if that had been my first experience of DTG I probably would not have continued to use it. Other functions on the Air that require use of the Internet or the local WebDAV server work as expected and are comparable to the other two devices.

I’m not saying this is a hardware issue; I’m just saying the problem only happens on the Air - as does the other issue I’ve reported of long pressing on the cloud icon on the toolbar never producing a response, whereas it does on the other two devices.

I can’t help. Sorry. You don’t give enough details on how you set it up, screen shots of setup on the two devices, what the other device is, etc. etc. You don’t say how big the files are (many bytes simply take time). You could not have possibly done “all that” as the list is long and some irrelevant. Good luck.

As mentioned in original post the devices are: Mac, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPad Air.

I have carried out the troubleshooting steps from the DT manual, general and WebDAV, except verify and clean on the Mac - as it’s working on the Mac and the other 2 devices.

Everything is synced. I add a RTF file of about 935 bytes in DTG on each of the 3 mobile devices (testing separately). It takes about 10 minutes to sync from the Air to the sync store and is then available within a minute on all the other devices. The Mac smart rule updates it. The updated document then syncs to all the devices except the Air in a couple of minutes. It eventually syncs to the Air but can take up to 20 minutes. If I add such a file on the Pro or IPhone the whole process completes in about 3 minutes or less.

Thanks for your response anyway.

So you’re using a WebDAV sync?
What kind?

It’s a Synology NAS and works well with DT and DTG otherwise.