Unresolved Sorter Issue

I realize there are a lot of sorter discussion on here, but I can’t find anything that helps me so far. I have a fully tricked out late 2018 MB Pro running Catalina 10.15.3 and DT3.0.4. I also have a 36 inch wide-screen LG monitor that I use almost constantly for a second screen.

For whatever reason, no matter where I tell the Sorter to place itself, it is always on the large LG screen, even when DT is on my MBPro screen. I could live with that except that the Sorter disappears under some, important, conditions.

For example, I’ve opened a PLOS research article as a PDF in Safari. I then invoke the Safari toolbar icon for DT so I can collect the PDF into my DT collection of such articles. What happens is that the Sorter springs open, slides down the LG monitor screen, and disappears. It is unusable. I can get it back if I open preferences and tell it to change locations, but no matter where I put it on the screen, it always is on the LG screen and always disappears when I invoke it from the Safari toolbar. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

Could you please post a screenshot of Preferences > Sorter? Thank you.

Sure Christian. Here it is. Please note that I’ve tried every one of the 6 possible locations for the Sorter to display. I’ve also tried Dock Tab and Show as Menu Extra.

– Bob

I am guessing u place ur MB Pro on the left/bottom and LG display on the right/top in screen settings?
From what I experienced, the current placement of sorter is treating the entire screen estate of multiple screen as one space. So the four corners and left/right edges are referring to the leftest edge of the left-screen and rightest edge of the right screen.

That’s what I don’t use that arrangement (I have three screens so I need to twist my head far right or far left to see the sorter). I just place it as menu bar extra.

Suggestion for DT: Add on more option to put the sorter on the dock.

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Hi ngan. I have my MB Pro centered under the LG display, directly in the middle in the settings. So what you are saying is that because the LG screen is so much wider, the Sorter is just shifting itself off into nothingness where it thinks the bottom screen should be?

That’s my experience/guess.
You can test it by rearranging your desktop to have the MBP on the left and LG on the right. If my guess is correct, you should be seeing the sorter appearing on the left edge of the MBP or the right edge of LG (depends on where u place the sorter)

You are correct. I just set up the arrangement so that the right sides are aligned and the Sorter placed itself in the bottom screen and worked when I invoked it.

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Thanks! I wonder if this behavior could be changed in a future update to DT? I don’t know how difficult it would be to fix, however. I appreciate your help very much.

Development would have to assess this.

Include this consideration, please. Some people like to look up, some like to look down…