Unresponsive DEVONthink Pro while editing


I´ve started using DEVONthink Pro recently and I´m having a consistent problem with it.

I have 6 active databases, mostly consisting of PDFs, Word documents and Markdown files (totalling under 3000 files).

When I´m editing a file that’s contained in a database (PDF or markdown file, for instance) with another program (PDF Expert, for instance), my iMac becomes unresponsive (“beach balling”).

I’m running an 2019 iMac, 6 core I5, 8 GB of RAM. The databases are located in an internal SSD with plenty of room. From what I’ve researched, it seems that the 8 GB maybe the culprit for this short performance.

How can I be sure of what’s bogging down DEVONthink under these circunstances?

Could you please launch Apple’s Activity Monitor application (see Applications > Utilities), choose DEVONthink 3 in the list of processes while it’s unresponsive (!), select the menu item View > Sample Process and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for helping. I’ve already sent the sample you’ve requested.

Best regards