Unsubscribe to / delete a RSS feed

Hey everybody,

is there a way to unsubscribe to a RSS feed (not just deleting a single entry)? When I trash the RSS object (orange icon), it will be reloaded after the next start of DEVONthink.


You must not be deleting the feed. Perhaps you’re deleting an article within a feed, but not the feed?

Did you empty the trash?

“Trash” is actually a group inside a database, and the trash needs deleted to ensure the record is still not in the database.

Yes, I did empty the trash, but with the next start of DEVONthink the feeds are back in my database. Since I am syncing my database via Dropbox, I have checked that synchronizing is completed after I did empty the trash as well.

There’s no way that DEVONthink can know about a feed without there being a Feed document somewhere. Are you “syncing … via Dropbox” using DEVONthink’s Sync process to sync with another device via a sync store. Or have you stored the database itself in Dropbox? Are you sure the other machine(s) you are syncing worth have no instance of the Feed document.

Sorry, the document has got to be somewhere. You could try Verify & Repair on your databases and the Global Inbox. You could try Rebuild.

I am syncing via a sync store and have tried already to Verify&Repair the database.

I have assumed that if I trash the feed document on one machine and sync that machine, the feed document would be deleted on the other machines with the next sync. So, I have not checked yet, what happens to the feed document across all synced machines. I will look into that and see if I can find the feed document.

Delete and Empty Trash are two separate actions, so check that the trash is emptied on both machines.

Also, check the setting on both machines of Preferences > Sync > Conflicts

Hi there,

Appreciate that this is an old thread now, but just wondered where you finally got to with this. I am having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy that the RSS feed I keep deleting will constantly reappear and it is a really busy feed, so there’s a lot of data to keep getting rid of.

Any help you can give me on how you finally solved this (if you did) would be greatly appreciated



More information about your syncing could be useful.