Unsupported file types

I use an old classic application that uses a proprietary file format. DevonThink cannot (and should not) properly read this format but it tries anyway. I can’t figure out how to make it stop trying to read the file. I want to use DevonThink to store these files and and keep the icon in the related group with all the files DevonThink can read. All I want to see in the DevonThink group is the icon sitting in the folder, I don’t want DevonThink to try to preview the file. Dumbly storing all the files in a folder would be nice too, along the lines of how .pdf files are stored just without attempting to do anything with it. I would like to be able to double click the icon and have it open in the correct external classic application. What happens now is I import the alias or the file and DevonThink creates a preview (which is a garbled mess) and if I try to open it externally DevonThink will use BBEdit instead (and it can’t read the file either). The alias works just fine when sitting on my desktop, executing the proper application. Is there any way to do this?

The application is DNAStrider 1.3f16

Probably the HFS type of those files declares them as text. You could either change the type of the files or drop them to a browser window while pressing command-option (this will create just links).

That fixed it. I changed the extension to something I have never used (.strider). Now when I drag the file to a group it forms a link with no preview which when clicked on opens DNAStrider. Cool.

Thank you